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February 7th, 2016 was the date of the 50th Super Bowl* The first "SUPER BOWL*" (for the 1966 season) was played on January 15th, 1967 and at the time was not actually referred to as the "Super Bowl*". Originally called the "AFL-NFL* Championship Game", the "Super Bowl*" Title was not officially coined until suggested and championed by the late Lamar Hunt, Founder of the Kansas City Chiefs.

In 1969 the use of "Super Bowl* III" was used (and then Super Bowl* I and II were retroactively referred to as such). The NFL previously used the 'bowl' convention in 1951 for the 'Pro Bowl*'. This is the first year of branding with an Arabic 50, instead of the Roman Numeral "L".

Before that, the college 'bowl' naming convention more or less began with the naming of the 'Rose Bowl**' stadium by the Roses Association upon completion around 1921. It's name was modeled after the 'Yale Bowl' and other similar stadiums that were shaped like a bowl. In 2014 a new College Bowl Playoff System (including a stunning new Trophy) emerged.

Now there is a final game that could probably be considered the 'Super Bowl' of college, and it too seemingly begins generically and known only as a 'National Championship Game' or 'college football playoff'.  Some better ideas for this final bowl game are: Title Bowl, Trophy Bowl, and Championship Bowl.  Contact Virtual Store for more info.

*'Super Bowl', 'Pro Bowl', and 'NFL' are registered trademarks of the National Footbal League.

**The 'Rose Bowl' is a registered trademark of the Tournament of Roses.


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