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February 7th, 2016 was the date of the 50th "Super Bowl*" and was won by the Denver Broncos over the Carolina Panthers (24-10). This was the first time branding was done with an Arabic "50", rather than the Roman Numeral "L".

The first "SUPER BOWL*" (for the 1966 season) was played on January 15th, 1967 and at the time was not actually referred to as the "Super Bowl*".  Originally called the "AFL-NFL* Championship Game", the "Super Bowl*" Title was not officially coined until suggested and championed by the late Lamar Hunt, Founder of the Kansas City Chiefs.

In 1969 the use of "Super Bowl* III" was used (and then "Super Bowl* I and II" were retroactively referred to as such). The NFL had first previously used the 'bowl' convention for the annual all-star game in 1951 known as the "Pro Bowl*".

Before that, college 'bowl' naming conventions more or less began with the naming of the "Rose Bowl**" stadium by the Roses Association upon it's completion around 1921. It's name was modeled after the "Yale Bowl" and other similar stadiums that were shaped like a bowl.

In 2014 a new College Bowl Playoff System (including a stunning new Trophy) emerged, but it was effectively nameless.

Now, there is a playoff system to play in the final game that could probably be considered the 'Super Bowl' of college, and it too seemingly begins generically and known only as a 'National Championship Game' or 'college football playoff'

Some better ideas for this "Final Bowl" game (to go with that Trophy) are:

"Title Bowl", "Trophy Bowl", and "Championship Bowl"

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**The 'Rose Bowl' is a registered trademark of the Tournament of Roses

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